May 20, 2024

مشخصات اتومبیل های جدید

۲۰۱۷ Jeep Quicksand Concept

۲۰۱۷ Jeep Quicksand Concept Okay, I’m a big sucker for the but I’ve got a soft spot for vintage metal, particularly from the American hot rod glory days. Well, has combined the two with this – the Quicksand Concept. This one-off Jeep was built for the 2017 Easter Jeep Safari, an annual event in Moab, […]

سوپر ماشین 2017

۲۰۱۷ Jeep Grand One

۲۰۱۷ Jeep Grand One Not every for the 2017 Easter Jeep Safari is a Sure, there’s the based Trailpass Concept, but this… this is The Grand One. It’s a 1993 Grand Cherokee ZJ that bought off Craigslist and restored with absolute attention to detail. The 1990s is running strong here, as Jeep designers include an […]

سوپر ماشین 2017