July 25, 2024

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MC Tested: SnapJack Motorcycle Rearstand

SnapJack Rearstand motorcycle jack


SnapJack Rearstand

Tirox Products‘ innovative, compact, and effective way to raise your bike’s rear end for maintenance.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to find a solution to a problem. For Basil Andrews at Tirox, his problem was finding a compact, packable solution for elevating a bike’s rear tire for routine chain maintenance. And his solution, the SnapJack, is definitely from outside the box.

The SnapJack doesn’t bear any resemblance to the centerstand or rearstand you’re probably used to using. It’s just a little hinged metal contraption with a clawed foot at one end and a rubber-covered cradle at the other. With your bike on its sidestand and the front brake applied with the included Velcro strap, you place the SnapJack under your swingarm and use it to fulcrum the rear end off the ground. It lifts the rear about a half inch up so you can spin the rear wheel to clean and lube the chain. Tirox even says the SnapJack is suitable for use in removing rear-wheel removal.

You might think the bike would be wobbly while on the SnapJack, but it’s actually remarkably stable. The clawed foot pivots, as does the upper cradle, permitting the SnapJack to be used on a variety of swingarm styles. Really steep swingarms, ABS sensors, and rear-caliper brackets can make the SnapJack impossible or tricky to use, but it worked on nine out of the 10 bikes I tried it on in the MC garage. The SnapJack comes with two thick rubber pads to use under the tool’s foot and the bike’s sidestand when using the SnapJack on smooth or painted surfaces. They work all right, but the SnapJack (and the bike’s front tire and sidestand) has much better purchase on good ol’ asphalt.

If you don’t have the funds or the room for a rearstand (or you don’t have a car to bring one home from the dealership), the SnapJack might be the right product for you. It’s also small enough to store in a saddlebag, making it perfect for road trips on bikes that don’t have a centerstand.


Price: $50
Contact: tiroxproducts.com


An innovative, compact, and effective way to raise your bike’s rear end for maintenance.

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