July 13, 2024

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Kia’s Super Bowl 50 Ad Gets An Assist From Christopher Walken

Just like it previewed a week ago, Kia’s Super Bowl 50 commercial revolves around Academy Award-winner Christopher Walken and a pair of socks, one of which is beige and the other being of the colorful variety. Actually, Richard also plays a part in it, as does the all-new Kia Optima, which is secretly the star of the ad.

The basic gist revolves around Richard, a well-meaning follow who just wanted to look for his beige socks. But, he got more than he bargained for when he walked in on Walken in his walk-in closet (how’s that for a tongue twister?) holding the pair of beige socks he was looking for. Instead of just giving the socks to Richard, Walken goes all philosophical, explaining the difference between the beige socks and the colorful one in his other hand. All this eventually ends up with Walken showing Richard the new Optima, labeling it the “world’s most exciting pair of socks, except it’s a mid-size sedan.

The ad accomplishes a number of things, most notably Walken’s presence serving as an extra punch of excitement considering his status as a bonafide Hollywood A-lister. But more important that that, it also highlights the new Optima as a game-changer in the mid-sized sedan segment, offering what Kia Motors America (KMA) COO Michael Sprague describes as a “level of refinement and sophistication unlike anything else in the midsize segment.” Walken does a great job smashing home that point, even though the sock metaphor is rather curious at best.

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