July 25, 2024

مشخصات اتومبیل های جدید

Josh Herrin Gets Chased by a Helicopter Just when we thought drones were cool…

Josh Herrin Bell Helmets video screenshot

Former AMA Pro SuperBike Champion Josh Herrin has always been one of those riders who enjoyed having a close working relationship with his sponsors, but Herrin gave new meaning to that saying this week when he let a helicopter chase him around Thunderhill Raceway Park for a soon-to-be-released Bell Powersports video.

That video will feature Bell Helmets’ new Pro Star helmet, and based on these shots from Bell Powersports’ Instagram account, should include some rather exciting air-to-bike footage. Because let’s be honest, the only thing cooler than an onboard R1 video is a clip from a helicopter hovering just a few feet above that R1.

Check the photos and clips out below and see if you aren’t a little excited about seeing the full video, which we’ll be sure to post as soon as it goes live.

There’s also this photos from Herrin’s Instagram account.

And if you didn’t already have serious respect for the helicopter pilot, there’s this clip as well.

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