November 27, 2022

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Energica Motor Company Goes Public Good early performance on Italian Stock Exchange a good sign.

Energica goes publicEnergica staff with the Ego and EVA electric motorcycles in front of the Milan Stock Exchange building the day Energica went public.

Energica, the Modena-based firm that created Italy’s standout electric motorcycles, the Ego and Eva, is going through a major evolution. First, early this February, Energica went public on the Milan Stock Exchange. To be exact, the Energica stock debuted on the so called “Alternative Investment Market,” a branch of the main stock exchange. The AIM operators responded very positively, to the point that Energica was named “best performer” through the first three days of quotation, a very positive sign from the financial world that there is growing interest in high-tech vehicles that offer an ultra-low environmental impact.

The other major fact is the announcement that Energica will soon move to brand-new production facilities, but still in the Modena area. The creation of this 32,000-square-foot ultra-modern factory, underlines the determination of the management of CPR—the high-tech parent group to further invest in the Energica operation—and the belief that there is a growing market for high-performance electric powered bikes worldwide.

new Energica headquarters

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